Quality of Life & Public Safety:  Robberies and felony assaults have increased significantly in the past month in the 13th Precinct

Public Safety: Be a Good Neighbor. Help the Police Fight Crime with Building Video Surveillance Systems

In recent months, there have been a series of crimes around Gramercy Park including an attempted robbery at knifepoint on the south side, robbery at gunpoint on the west side, assaults on the north and east sides, and a scam operation a few days ago on the east side.

Although most Gramercy Park buildings have video surveillance systems, we are asking that you make sure your systems are operational, and technology is up to date.

To be a good neighbor, please make sure your building's surveillance system includes what the NYPD calls "eyes on the street." Cameras focused from the building out onto the sidewalks are the most valuable tool in identifying suspects and fighting crime. It is also helpful in case there is an accident or any other incident in front of your building.

After researching and exploring systems of several of our Gramercy Park buildings, we have learned a lot about this. If you'd like more information or a recommendation, please email me at or call me at 212-260-3875.

Gramercy Park Neighbor Stephen Birmingham, author of  
"Life at the Dakota: New York's Most Unusual Address"  

The Dakota is the "sister" building of 34 Gramercy (both built at the same time)

Gramercy Real Estate:
"Gramercy Square" Cabrini Hospital conversion among NYC's "buzziest" new buildings

Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Clothing Donations to New York Theatre Ballet

Thanks to Gramercy Park Neighbors Sean & Rachel Sherman for the donations!

Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a longtime supporter of NYTB's Project Lift for city shelter children.

Gramercy Park History:
New book "Exploring Gramercy Park and Union Square"

Created by Samuel Ruggles as a haven for wealthy New Yorkers, both Gramercy Park and Union Square have been among Manhattan's most desirable neighborhoods for more than 150 years. From writers and artists to powerful politicians, illustrious figures like O. Henry, Andy Warhol, Samuel Tilden and Joseph Kennedy have walked its streets.  By Alfred and Joyce Pommer

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