Armed Robbery on Sunday night on the Park side of Gramercy Park West at 21st Street

At approximately 11pm Sunday night, a couple coming out of a local restaurant took a stroll around Gramercy Park. 

A well-dressed white male brushed past them, and then stopped and looked around as if he were lost. He asked them if they knew where "Lexington Place" was. The female said she did not know, but she could look it up on her phone. The alleged perpetrator said he would get out his phone as well, but instead took out what appeared to be a black firearm. He demanded that they give him their money and jewelry.

I will be meeting with our Detectives from the 13th Precinct Squad this morning, so they can view our Gramercy Park surveillance camera footage. 
Public Safety: Be a Good Neighbor. Help the Police Fight Crime with Building Video Surveillance Systems

Although most Gramercy Park buildings have video surveillance systems, Police are asking that you make sure your systems are operational, technology is up to date, and that you have cameras facing the street.

According to the NYPD, cameras focused from the building out onto the sidewalks are the "most valuable tool in identifying suspects and fighting crime." 

Why video surveillance systems are crucial to building and neighborhood security
  • A true crime deterrent - when a criminal sees a camera they are more likely to think twice before committing a crime, including theft, robbery, vandalism of building property, cars, bikes, etc.
  • Allow NYPD to identify people through a facial recognition unit, which focuses on facial characteristics and links them to known criminals in their system 
  • Enable the NYPD to make posters and video available to the public 
  • Prevent intruders from slipping in behind residents at locked entrances and in doorman buildings, when a camera is mounted at the entrance
  • Can provide proof of safe conditions if there is a false insurance claim of hazardous conditions on your property
Photo: Janice Montefiore
Town & Village Newspaper publishes snow photos by Gramercy Park neighbors

Snapping the snowstorm: Gramercy Park in pictures

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to this, we will ask neighbors to submit Gramercy Park photos at a specific time each season.

Gramercy Park Neighbor Danny Meyer's Maialino Will Eliminate Tipping on February 25th

A Look Back in Gramercy Park History: 1848 Calvary Episcopal Church

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