GPBA Quality of Life Committee: 

Opposition to "Cafe and Bar" with full liquor license proposed for former Lyric Diner space

Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Clothing donations to NYTB Project LIFT

Since 1989, the Gramercy Park community has been involved in Project LIFT.  LIFT provides ballet scholarships, tutoring, mentoring, medical care, clothing and other support services for homeless/at-risk children living in city shelters.

Many thanks to our Gramercy Park neighbors for nearly 300 messages of appreciation to Gramercy Park Gardener Amando Flores for his work in beautifying our Park!

Trustee Arlene Harrison delivers messages of appreciation to Amando Flores.

Calder's Janey Waney is on display in Gramercy Park, on loan from the Calder Foundation.
Photo: Sean Brady
Gramercy Park:
Happy Birthday to Sculptor Alexander Calder!

According to Gramercy Park neighbor, Calder's grandson Alexander S. C. Rower, " the exact date of Calder's birth is a mystery, thanks to the uncertainty of the country doctor who delivered him. Continuing in my grandfather's tradition, we celebrate both 22 July and 22 August."

Gramercy Park Neighbor Danny Meyer

Congratulations on the 3-star review in the NY Times!

Gramercy Tavern: A Classic Still on the Move
Read NY Times August 16th Review 

In the neighborhood:

Calvary-St. George's gets new rector

Rev. Jacob Smith works with GPBA President Arlene Harrison on multiple charitable endeavors and called her a "great partner."


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