Victory for GPBA Quality of Life Committee

We want to thank our many neighbors who sent emails in opposition to a "Cafe and Bar" with full liquor license proposed for the former Lyric Diner space.  

Kudos to GPBA Quality of Life Committee Chair Sean Brady who as usual outlined the issues so cogently.

On Thursday, August 25th, Quality of Life Committee Chair Sean Brady, GPBA President Arlene Harrison and other concerned neighbors presented our neighborhood's concerns about the possibility of a new "Café and Bar" in the former Lyric Diner space.

The Quality of Life Committee has learned through experience that any establishment with the word "Bar", "Tavern" or "Taproom" on this stretch of 3rd Ave. becomes a college drinking spot, adding to the throng of partiers in our neighborhood.

After extensive discussion, the owners agreed to three key conditions so that the restaurant doesn't devolve into yet another problem bar:
  1. Remove the word "Bar" from their name and signage.
  2. Serve alcohol only to seated patrons; i.e. no throngs of drinkers crowded around a stand-up bar. 
  3. Close no later than midnight.
With these conditions agreed upon, the GPBA was satisfied the space will remain a diner/restaurant, and we supported their application and welcomed them to our neighborhood.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors:
Thanks to our many neighbors who supported our annual Back to School Drive for city shelter children!

NYPD Partnership
Neighbors Helping Neighbors

NHN participated in fundraiser to help defray medical expenses for 13th Pct Sgt Christopher Christodolou, who is suffering from Grade 4 Glioblastama
Gramercy Park Neighbor:
Architectural Historian/Critic Jayne Merkel's Op-Art in the NY Times  "New York's Disappearing Storefronts"

NYPD Partnership:

We send our love, gratitude and support to the NYPD!

Gramercy Park History:

Thanks to GPBA Board Member Sean Brady for sending this 1900 map of Gramercy Park from the NY Public Library Archives!

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