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Neighbors Helping Neighbors:

NHN sponsors Kenmore Hall Veterans Day Luncheon

We support 108 veterans at E 23rd St Kenmore Hall year round

In the neighborhood:

Support our wonderful Gramercy Park family members Sal Anthony's Restaurant -  3rd Ave at 19th St.

For November - they are welcoming us with a 25% discount on total check
Building Community: 

GPBA, proud sponsor of Olmsted Salon, Connecting Culture and Community

Jazz in the Cave -  Alphonso Horne & The Root Continuum
Friday, 11/10  
7:30pm & 9:30pm 

The Cave - St. George's 
209 E. 16th St (east of 3rd Ave) 
Side courtyard entrance

Gramercy Park History:

Happy Birthday to Players' Founder Edwin Booth, born November 13, 1833

Edwin Booth Monument sits in center of Gramercy Park


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