Memorial Day
Photo: Sean Brady

Remembering those who served
and those who continue to serve

Love from 
The Gramercy Park Block Association
Board of Directors

Arlene Harrison, President     
Kamel Boutros   Sean Brady   Dusty Brown   
Deirdre Connolly   Norman Kurlan    Lynne Lerner    
Tara Rockefeller    Kathleen Scupp   

GPBA Remembers
13th Precinct PO Scott Bradshaw

Died 5/20/18 of 9/11 related illness

We thank you for your service. 
We promise to never forget you.

GPBA plants 13th Precinct Remembrance Garden for Memorial Day

Emergency Service Unit Truck #1 Detectives Patrick Fanning. Greg Welch in front of the 13th Precinct's Remembrance Garden.

Following 9/11, GPBA planted a Remembrance Garden in front of the 13th Precinct. 

GPBA maintains and plants the garden throughout the year, including: Easter, Memorial Day, 9/11, Christmas. 

GPBA plaque reads: "NYPD YOU MAKE US PROUD."

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