Photo: Fireworks viewed from rooftop on Gramercy Park South
NYPD Partnership:

GPBA Sponsors NYPD Explorers Program
GPBA Arlene Harrison with Explorers wearing new t-shirts provided by GPBA

For years, GPBA has supported the Law Enforcement Explorers program, providing young men and women from diverse communities with an introduction to careers in law enforcement or the criminal justice system.
Harrison with Stephen Hughes, Assistant Chief and Commanding Officer of Patrol Borough Manhattan South

Plaque on the Park fence curb

Trustees of Gramercy Park:

Gramercy Park Historic District plaque vandalism and repairs

In June , someone attempted to steal the Gramercy Park Historic District plaque on the south side fence. 

Our Historic Preservation expert Gabriel Popian took the following steps to restore and securely re-attach the plaque:

  • Structural work - Drilled out old screws, permanently welded bronze treaded rods at each corner
  • Surface Restoration - Welding heat burned the paint finish and oxidized the plaque, so surface was cleaned of old paint, patina applied, lettering polished, and corrosion inhibitor lacquer applied
  • Installation - Two corner bars were installed to secure plaque in place with special nuts, preventing thieves from accessing the bolts. 
Gabriel Popian polishing plaque lettering

Restored plaque re-installed
Gramercy Park Neighbor:

Jim Parsons stars in first Broadway production of Mart Crowley's groundbreaking play "The Boys in the Band" 

Gramercy Park Neighbor:

New film "I'll Hide You Seek" written and directed by Anne Richardson 

Filmed in Gramercy Park neighborhood

Gramercy Park Neighbor:

Film score composer Hans Zimmer opens up about his career at intimate Bafta talk

Gramercy Park Neighbor:

World renowned photographer Tina Barney's best photograph: Picasso at my sister's wedding party

Gramercy Park Neighbor:

One week left to see Audrey Heffernan Meyer in her performance in This One's for the Girls Off Broadway at St Luke's Theatre


Gramercy Park Neighbor:

Three New Ballet Bronze Sculptures by Marc Mellon Unveiled at Lincoln Center

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