Happy Independence Day! 

Love from 
Gramercy Park Block Association Board of Directors 

Arlene Harrison

Kamel Boutros
Sean Brady
Dusty Brown
Deirdre Connolly
Norman Kurlan
Lynne Lerner
Tara Rockefeller
Kathleen Scupp
Gramercy Park Neighbors:

Gramercy Park Trustee  Tom Pike and Lys McLaughlin Pike honored at Untermyer Gardens Conservancy's Summer Solstice Sunset Soirée

Marian Sulzberger Heiskell honors Tom Pike and Lys McLaughlin Pike 

M. H. Adams and Arlene Harrison

A tribute to our neighbor Lys McLaughlin Pike

Marian Heiskell, GrowNYC's founder, left, and Lys, right, in 1986 at Brooklyn's first Lots-for-Tots park/playground.

For 28 years, Lys McLaughlin Pike was Executive Director of GrowNYC, where she established the Greenmarket, created gardens out of empty lots, and provided environmental education in public schools.

Thank you dear Lys for your extraordinary contributions to our city!

Lys McLaughlin, 1982 at Amboy Neighborhood Garden
Gramercy Park Neighbor:

Congratulations Wendy Ettinger, Executive Producer of Academy Award-nominated documentary The War Room

2018 new member of the Academy Documentary Branch!

Gramercy Park Neighbor:

Dr. Amanda Foreman "At Age 50, a Time of Second Acts" 

Historic Preservation:

Great news! 

NY State Senate did not repeal the existing limit on the size of residential buildings in New York City.

The GPBA is a Neighborhood Partner of Historic Districts Council, "the advocate for NYC's historic neighborhoods."

Congratulations to all!

GP Gardener Amando Flores

Trustees of Gramercy Park:

New uniforms for Park Caretakers

Shirts embroidered with "Gramercy Park", pants, cargo shorts, jackets, and "GP" hats 
GP Caretaker Desmond Fraser

In the neighborhood:

Support our beloved friends at Sal Anthony's Restaurant!

Call for reservations 212-982-9030
Neighbors Helping Neighbors: 

Clothing donations to New York Theatre Ballet Project LIFT city shelter children
GPBA Arlene Harrison and Tom Pike with Gramercy Vintage Alex Young and former manager Joe Ercolino

In the neighborhood:

Gramercy Vintage Furniture closing soon!

61 Gramercy Park North

Special thanks to our wonderful friend, beloved neighbor Alex Young for his many years of caring service!

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