Gramercy Park Neighbor: Jimmy Fallon and family celebrate opening of Universal Studios ride "Race Through New York" in Orlando

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Gramercy Park Neighbor:

Phil Suarez's new vegetarian restaurant ABCv at 38 E 19th St, "A Healthy Place to Grab a Bite and Go"

Gramercy Park:

Penthouse at 45 Gramercy Park North

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Neighbors Helping Neighbors: 

Clothing donations to Kenmore Hall - supportive housing for low-income, formerly homeless, veterans, people with HIV/AIDS, chronically ill, disabled, frail elderly.

Real Estate:

Many of our Gramercy Park neighbors have homes in  Sagaponack, "undisputedly, the most expensive zip code in the country"

Trustees of Gramercy Park:
Electrical work
Sensors on the lanterns on the north and south gates were replaced, and some of the outlet boxes around the park were replaced.

Trustees of Gramercy Park:

Annual Tree Maintenance

Bartlett Tree Experts began their annual tree maintenance in the park, including deep root liquid fertilization of all  trees, shrubbery and boxwoods. 

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