GPBA remembers NYPD Officers 
who lost their lives in the past year

Thursday June 8th  6-8pm
National Arts Club
GPBA Members ($250 & above) are Guests

If you have not contributed to the GPBA ($250 level & above) in the past year and would like to attend:

RSVP  essential by Thursday June 1st:
GP Mayor Arlene Harrison welcomes Sal Anthony's Restaurant back to the neighborhood
In the neighborhood:

Gramercy restaurant Sal Anthony's returns after closing a decade ago

Neighbors Helping Neighbors:

13th Pct Remembrance Garden planted for Memorial Day 

Planted Easter, Memorial Day, 9/11 & Christmas. GPBA plaque reads "NYPD YOU MAKE US PROUD." 


Mayor of Gramercy Park Arlene Harrison Explains Why You're Not Allowed Inside

Building Community:

GPBA sponsors Olmsted Salon

Free Admission

'ON AN AVERAGE DAY' By John Kolvenbach 

Featuring Gramercy Park Key Assistant Dusty Brown

Friday, May 26th, 8pm

The Cave
St. George's 
209 E. 16th St 
(east of 3rd Ave) 
Side courtyard entrance

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