In the neighborhood:

Sal Anthony's Restaurant - 19th St and 3rd Ave
Mayor of Gramercy Park Arlene Harrison enjoying a meal with Sal Anthony, his wife Cynthia and son J.R., at Sal Anthony's Restaurant , which now serves wine and liquor, and has a new outdoor cafe. 

"With Sal Anthony's Movement Salon at 17th St, and now the return of our beloved Sal Anthony's Restaurant, we couldn't have a more wonderful friend who is committed our community!" 

Sal Anthony's Restaurant
Third Ave at 19th St
(212) 982-9030

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Neighbors Helping Neighbors:

Backpack Drive for city shelter children
Thanks to our Gramercy Park neighbors (several who wish to remain anonymous) who donated dozens of backpacks, supplies, funds, clothing and more towards our many NHN projects this year:

Marguerite and Les Gelber
Rachel Gelber
Joanne and Harmon Brown
Sir Martin and Lady Cristiana Sorrell
Norman Kurlan
Phil and Lucy Suarez
Gail Perlberg &  Jim Terrill
Susanna Porter and  Jamie Clark
Susan and John Jackson
Linda Renaud 
Rick Butler
Andrew Schulman
Randall and Cynthia Heck
Robin Kemper
Gary and Peg Wendlandt
Judith Vale and Oded Regev
Jeff Quinn and Marissa Stoll
David and Sandy Leibow
James H. Heidbreder
Susana Montes and her son Ian
Tim Cohen 
Shinjoo Kim
Phyllis Weiner
Joan Brandt
Karin Rosner
Nathan Ryan
Maureen Rose Marshall
Danielle, Bryan and Fitzgerald Rowles 
Jan Lewis
Paddy Maguire
George Nickoll
Sophie Nickoll
Alexander Rockefeller
Deborah Harding 
Robert Windeler
Frederica Gamble
Bridgette Collin 
Kathleen Scupp 
Annette Green 
Tim Cohen 
Shinjoo Kim
Inez Weinstein
Elana J. Weinstein 
Norma Ortiz 
Karen Frohme and Nathaniel Oppenheimer
Christine Schlendorf 
Sidney and Sue Stein 
Ellen Sandles
Arlene Harrison 
Gramercy Park Block Association 

Trustees of Gramercy Park: 

Gramercy Park Sundial restoration completed by  Gramercy Park historic preservation expert Gabriel Popian 

The sundial was presented to Gramercy Park in May 24, 1958 by The National Arts Club, and its restoration was funded by them. 

Sundial restoration: Summary by Gabriel Popian

The sundial was restored inside and out. The base was excavated and sundial removed safely on wooden blocks away from the site.

The structure pipe was re-welded, and  fresh cast concrete foundation was made with stainless steel dowels to anchor the sundial in the ground.  Cracks were healed with epoxy resin and capped with color cement, green corrosion removed, and the entire surface refinished. Decorative elements were retouched and missing elements restored.

On the top surface, active corrosion was removed and elements highlighted.  Original features were protected by a special lacquer that inhibits corrosion. The repaired sundial arm was re-anchored from the back section. The groove between the face and pedestal was injected with epoxy to avoid water infiltration, and prevent further internal damage.

The sundial was leveled and oriented to show correct time with a computer system. As the the sundial reads "I COUNT NONE BUT SUNNY HOURS" the hours on the sundial range from 5am until 7pm.

Restored sundial

A few photos before the restoration

Gramercy Park:   Eclipse photos (8/21/17)

By GPBA Board Members Sean Brady, Kathleen Scupp and Assistant Alex Nguyen
Blue crescent-shaped reflection of the eclipse on 18 Gramercy Park.    Photo: Kathleen Scupp

Trustees of Gramercy Park:

Electrical Upgrade in Gramercy Park

Replacing wiring, boxes, circuit breaks, GFI breakers

Gramercy Park Neighbor: Ed Fancher

Village Voice, co-founded by Fancher in 1955, will end its print edition and be published entirely online after more than 60 years.

Gramercy Park Ladies enjoying summer in the Park

Real Estate:

Since many of our Gramercy Park neighbors are in Southampton this summer... 

Famed Henry Ford Estate in Southampton listed for record $175M

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