Trustees of Gramercy Park:

Brotherhood Synagogue members in the Park on Yom Kippur, Wednesday 9/19 

Yom Kippur is the highest holy day of the Jewish year. As a longstanding tradition and courtesy to Brotherhood Synagogue members, the Trustees welcome them into the Park between their morning and evening services.

On Wednesday 9/19 from 11:15am-5pm, former Park caretaker Basil Clarke and a security guard will stand at the Park's east gate to ensure only keyholders and those with a Synagogue ticket will be admitted.
In the neighborhood:

Invitation from good friend Players Foundation Curator and Librarian Raymond Wemmlinger

Admission Free, Reservations required:

World Trade Center:

Follow-up statistics

  • 2,996 killed that day, 40% have no confirmation of their death
  • 23 NYPD and 37 Port Authority Police Officers died that day, total 60
  • 343 FDNY died that day

    Aftermath of 400 toxic chemicals at the site
  • 89,000 first responders and survivors enrolled for monitoring/treatment.
  • 10,086 have cancer, 8,100 are first responders 
  • Cancer risk among 9/11 first responders up to 30 percent higher than public

  • 156 NYPD died from 9/11 related illnesses, more than six times the 23 NYPD who died that day

  • 182 FDNY died of 9/11 related illnesses(including 17 this year) more than 100 due to cancer
  • 11,000 FDNY certified as sick, more than 2,000 with cancer
Real Estate:

Nineteen story mixed-use building to replace Dunkin Donuts building at 200 E 20th St at 3rd Ave

210 ft tall
68,200 sq ft 
52 condo apartments
2,700 sq ft commercial space

Gramercy Park Neighbor:

Annette Green (head of The Fragrance Foundation for over 40 years)  publishes book 

"Spritzing To Success With The Woman Who Brought An Industry To Its Senses."

Neighbors Helping Neighbors:

Backpack Drive for Project LIFT 

Since 1989, our community has supported Project LIFT, providing scholarships, tutoring, medical care, clothing and other support services for homeless/at-risk children living in city shelters.
Thanks to Gramercy Park neighbors for their support

Since neighbors have been asking where I have been the last couple weeks, I'm writing to inform you that I tore my meniscus and am recovering at home from surgery.

Even though I continue to work from home 24/7 to take care of our beloved Gramercy Park, I will be back on my neighborhood patrol in the near future.  

Special thanks to my wondering neighbor orthopedic surgeon Dr. Joe D'Angelo for his amazing care and skill in performing surgery on my knee. 

XO Arlene

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