Gramercy Park Block Association - 2013 Membership 

A message from GPBA Vice President Tom Pike


Dear Friend,  


This has been a wonderful 20th anniversary for the Gramercy Park Block Association.  We've seen changes in some of the critical institutions around the Park, and people are talking about the integration of our community with the activities at the National Arts Club and The Players.  We are very optimistic and hopeful about the future. 


Photo by Lois Conner

The Park is in full bloom, and people who experience it from both inside and outside the fence are commenting on what a treasure it is for the City of New York.  The spiritual centers around the Park, The Brotherhood Synagogue and Calvary Church, seem to be thriving, and a new wave of young children are discovering the Park.   


Just as the Park is in full bloom, the Block Association surrounding the Park is flourishing. Consider that the beauty of the Park is intricately related to the surrounding historic neighborhood, through the Block Association.


As we pause for the moment, we can hear people discuss the history of Gramercy Park, its architecture, and the uniqueness of the Park itself.  We are truly the beneficiaries of a great legacy. 


There is one thing that is missing, and that is 100% participation from all of our community as members of the Block Association.  We need you, we want you, and we feel we have worked very hard to earn your support.  This is your opportunity to join the Block Association, and to be counted as a committed citizen of this community.


May we suggest that although it is nice to have your neighbors doing so many good things, there is special joy in participating in it yourself, making your own financial commitment, and counting yourself as one of the supporters of this magnificent community.


Please join the GPBA today.  Don't put it off.  We cannot urge you strongly enough to do this at this time. We empathetically need you, and would deeply appreciate your support.   



Tom Pike

GPBA Vice President