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A Movable Feast: Danny Meyer on a Roll
                                                                                                                   Gillian Laub for The New York Times

1:40 p.m. With Arlene Harrison ("the mayor of Gramercy Park") at Maialino.

By Sean Wilsey

Danny Meyer
scaled the subway stairs two at a time, emerged on Lexington and 77th, lengthened his stride and called over his shoulder: "Have I told you about the Meyer Street-Crossing Method? Meyscrom." He scanned traffic. "Cut off every possible angle without being killed."

A car whipped by. Another stopped. He sliced off the last 10 feet of 75th street ("That was a baby jay") and reached the Whitney museum, home of his newest restaurant, in two minutes.

Meyer - 53, trim, salt-and-pepper hair - greeted me an hour earlier in his Union Square office. It was March, and the branches outside his windows were just beginning to blur green. He stood up from behind a desk, backed by a wall of books (sample title: "The Power of Nice"), took my hand and applied the ideal amount of pressure for the ideal amount of time: a better handshake than any I could recall.

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