Gramercy Park Block Association - Neighborhood News #109

Film Shoot on Gramercy Park South 


Many of you have inquired about the film shoot taking place today on Gramercy Park South.


Identity Media, Inc. is producing a television commercial for the Talbots clothing line. Fashion photographer Sean Ellis is directing.  The shoot is scheduled for today and tomorrow during daylight hours. Tomorrow's filming will take place closer to Gramercy Park East.


Emphasizing the enduring style of Talbots clothing, they will film a woman wearing a signature Pepperdine Tweed Suit as she strolls down an urban street. As the Talbots woman moves through space, she will also move through time, beginning with the 50s and into the present day. With each period change there will be subtle shifts in the details of her outfit, but the suit will remain: a tradition transformed, history repeating itself. Props and different film stocks will be used to mark period changes.


Today, they are using various cars and props from the 50s.  Tomorrow's film shoot will include props from the 70s and 80s.

Those of you who were children of the 50s may want to bring your children to see some props from that era. 


See pictures below by Charles Furer and Travis Hoggard from today's shoot.

 Talbots Cars
Talbots 1

Talbots 2  

Talbots 3

tablots taxi  

 Talbots 5   
Talbots 6

Talbots 7


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