Gramercy Park Block Association - Neighborhood News #290
Please circulate to your friends, neighbors, business associates and social networks 

Hurricane Sandy is our Katrina    


No electricity, no gas, no heat, no water, no stores for food, no drugstores for medication, no plumbing, raw sewage, health and hygiene issues, no schools, no internet, no phones, vehicles destroyed, no public transportation, no banks, etc.


"Red Cross and FEMA hardly there"

Many frail, elderly still stranded

Cold weather approaching

Thanksgiving approaching 

Thousands with no homes to return to 

Misery and frustration turning to rage     


For thousands, their lives will never be the same.


Recovery and rebuilding will go on for years to come, needs will change over time. 


Working with our Manhattan South Detectives, especially the Homicide Squad, we have a distribution system to get critical supplies directly to those in need. With your donation, we will purchase critical supplies cheaply, in bulk, or wholesale.  


We are Neighbors Helping Neighbors. As long as our neighbors are suffering, with your help we will be there to help.