Gramercy Park Block Association - Neighborhood News #294

Hurricane Sandy - One Month Later - 12/3 Update

Please send this to your friends, neighbors, family and business associates who may be planning holiday fundraising drives for Hurricane Sandy Relief and don't as yet have a designated relief effort


It's hard to imagine that for thousands, there are still...


No electricity, heat, hot water, or even a home to return to

Families displaced, or camping out in flood ravaged homes for fear of looting, and/or fear of living in shelters "more populated by homeless drug addicts than displaced families"  


Families sleeping in mold contaminated homes filled with demolition dust and exposure to asbestos, as walls and floors are ripped apart, as well as other sanitation issues


Families who lost all their furniture, appliances, winter clothing, documents, photographs, personal papers


No money for repairs and dealing with insurance and disaster relief agencies


What they fear most  

With the holidays and freezing weather coming, the media will soon disappear and they will be forgotten, even though their rebuilding will take months, if not years to come.


As long as you continue your financial support, we will be there to help in the months to come.




Last week, due to your generosity, we provided Thanksgiving dinners to our local first responders, many who were out in the storm rescuing others and recovering bodies while their own homes and families were directly in the path of the storm.


At the invitation of City Council Member Rosie Mendez, we visited a Lower East Side daycare center, which included 133 children (2-5 years old) from the storm ravaged Lower East Side housing projects.  Many of the children were from another daycare center and were displaced due to flooding.  


We delivered children's winter clothing including hats, gloves and scarves. The teachers and director were so grateful and moved, because "we thought nobody knew how much we are struggling here." This week we will be sending them heaters, air purifiers, new winter clothing, new rugs and bedding, books, educational supplies, and whatever else they may need.