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Help Save The Players
Several years ago, close to 300 members of our Gramercy Park community joined The Players through our Gramercy Park Block Association. Since then, many of you have left claiming "incompetent management" and "extreme decline in services."  
Many of you have become alarmed since you learned about "allegations of fiscal mismanagement" that has led to The Players being in "imminent danger of closing." Those of you who have temporarily "hung in there" due to your love, loyalty and concern for the club's future, have asked me what you can do to help save The Players.  
From our friends at "Help Save The Players"
Here's what you can do if you are still a Players 
Sign The Players Petition - Details below
Please go to The Players and sign the petition (click here to read) which will be posted on the bar today Monday (4/15), Tuesday (4/16), and Wednesday (4/17).
If you cannot get to The Players bar to sign the petition, please print the petition, sign it, and fax it to 212-529-8355.   

The names that appear on the petition are Board members who serve on the Executive Committee as Officers.  As fiduciaries they are responsible for the direct management oversight of The Players.

Below is an excerpt from the petition:

"The undersigned respectfully request the President to call a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors to be held within 6 business days of the receipt of this petition so that the Board of Directors can call said Special Meeting of the Membership.


The object of the Special Meeting of the Membership is i) to remove for cause the following members of the Board of Directors: Johnnie Planco, James Fenniman, Ann Vellis, Pam Singleton, Elizabeth Jackson and Winston Simone, and, ii) for the Membership to take any other action(s) regarding The Players' finances, management, personnel, policies, practices and procedures as the Membership may direct by a majority vote at the meeting." 



The Players, under the management of the Executive Committee, has been "losing nearly $3 million over the last nine years."


"At a March 14th meeting, the Executive Committee voted unanimously to retain John Martello as Executive Director although an overwhelming majority of attendees voted to dismiss him."


"No one will donate money or services with the present Executive Committee in power."


The club needs a new senior management team now.


Learn about the "allegations of fiscal mismanagement" that has led to The Players being in "imminent danger of closing":