Gramercy Park Block Association - Neighborhood News #384 
Help Save The Players - Comments about 6/19 Annual Meeting

Many of you have been asking why, after the June 19th Annual Meeting, Johnnie Planco has remained the president of The Players, when the rest of the Executive Committee has now resigned. This is despite the fact that 
many signed a petition which called for a "Special Meeting of the Membership i) to remove for cause the following members of the Board of Directors: Johnnie Planco, James Fenniman, Ann Vellis, Pam Singleton, Elizabeth Jackson and Winston Simone.
Below are comments from several Players members who attended The Players' meeting last week.
"The failure of Johnnie Planco and the board of directors of The Players to consider the petition about the members of the executive board and the president was an egregious mistake on their part and an extremely damaging moment for the club."  
"The conclusion of the meeting came so fast that no one even realized what was happening. We thought that when the members forum ended, we would go into a portion of the meeting dedicated to the vote, but Planco simply ended the meeting, which was really despicable on his part."  
"Not one of the substantive questions raised by the Financial Audit Committee were addressed, most notably the question of whether the board has ever sought to renegotiate the club's single biggest obligation, the $2 million loan from a member who received a security lien on everything inside The Players." 
"Planco's list of  'solutions' he 
proposed at the meeting are strictly self serving, and had more to do with his own survival than the club's survival.  Why didn't Planco enact any of these plans when he received the FAC's 18 page report, which clearly documented the club's debt and mismanagement?  Instead Planco, who professes to love the club, stonewalled the FAC and voted at the March 14th meeting to keep John Martello, going against the overwhelming majority of members in attendance who voted to remove Martello.  There is so much outrage with Johnnie Planco remaining president of the club,  that the club cannot begin to heal until he goes."
"Why would anyone in their right mind think that Planco can now raise $4 million to pay off their debts, when it was under his watch that the debt accrued in the first place?"