Gramercy Park Block Association - Neighborhood News #410

Overflowing waste receptacles surrounding Gramercy Park and across the street from the Park  - We need your help!


Photos by Alex Nguyen

The photos above were taken at 9am this morning (Friday 8/2).  The receptacles have now overflowed much more than what you see in the pictures.  Since the Doe Fund has left the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago, we have been receiving numerous complaints about this problem. 

The heat has cooked the garbage all day, so now there is a terrible odor.  
Also, we have been getting reports from dog walkers who are out late at night, that rats are swarming around the overflowing trash receptacles. In addition to being a sanitation problem, this has now clearly become a health problem.


What you can do

The 311 website says "the City also accepts reports that public waste receptacles are overflowing" and to "call 311 to report an overflowing litter basket."


To make a complaint, call 311 and make a "Litter Basket Complaint."  After you make a complaint and get a complaint number, please e-mail me that number so I can monitor the situation and do the follow through if necessary.