Gramercy Park Block Association - Neighborhood News #411
Construction site safety
For many years, we have heard that for safety reasons, we should avoid walking under scaffolding at construction sites. 
Since a major focus of our mission is Safety and Security, and there are several new construction projects planned for our area, we thought the following e-mail from a neighbor would be of interest.

Dear Arlene:  

I witnessed a construction accident recently at the Toll Brothers condo project at 160 E. 22nd St.  I am sure the construction crew was supposed to report it, but I don't know if they did.


I was across the street from the site on Third Avenue on a recent Saturday afternoon and heard a popping sound.  A piece of wood (probably a 2x8, or 2 inches by 8 feet) fell from the SE corner of the top floor under construction and fell outside the protective scaffolding, landing on a parked pickup truck and a car.  The piece of wood snapped in two and a construction worker hurried out to collect the pieces.  One of the pieces of wood ricocheted across the sidewalk where, thankfully, no one was walking past at that moment.  A number of pedestrians walking near me stopped in shock and watched.


The wood dented the pickup truck's hood (maybe a construction worker's?) and the top of the trunk of a late model Honda (Accord?), NY license plate --------, that was parked in front of the truck.


It is a stroke of luck that no one was killed, but they did damage vehicles.  This is clearly not supposed to happen and it should be reported.  I called the 13th precinct and was told that the only way to report this was to go to the site and call 911.  I was not prepared to do that, particularly with the construction workers all standing there.


I thought you might like to know about this.  Thank you for your consideration.


A Neighbor