Gramercy Park Block Association - Neighborhood News #425
Proposed Sanitation Garage - 425 E 25th St.
Community Meeting

Since a major focus of our Gramercy Park Block Association is Neighbors Helping Neighbors and Quality of Life (both here and in the surrounding neighborhood) we thought the following might be of interest to you.


Our longtime friend and dedicated activist Gerard Schriffen, President of the Rose Hill Community Organization, has asked us to inform neighbors about the following meeting to address the threat of a sanitation garage proposed for 425 East 25th Street (at First Ave).   


Health Warning!   

Please be advised that the City of New York plans to demolish the entire Hunter School of Nursing located on East 25th Street between First Avenue and the East River, and replace it with a 12 story Department of Sanitation Depot that will house and service all the sanitation trucks and activities for the entire eastside of Manhattan.


The Rose Hill Community Organization, that has successfully fought for their neighborhood since the 1980's has called a community meeting to address this threat.


Wednesday, August 28th, 7:30 PM 

East Midtown Plaza 

Community Room "H"
320 East 25th St. 
(Enter on East 24th Street)


There will be up to 2,000 trips of diesel and gasoline vehicles going into and out of the facility and using First, Second, and Third Avenues twenty-four hours every day with the resulting noise and toxic emissions. These vehicles will use the same entrance used by the ambulances into and out of Bellevue's emergency room.


*   Up to 100,000 gallons of fuel will be stored in huge tanks on site.

*   According to the EPA, toxic chemicals (including cyanide) will be released into the environment.

*   It appears that all the street sweepers for the east and west sides will be stored in our community

*   This planned site is immediately adjacent to the emergency rooms of Bellevue and the Veteran's Hospital, and the exhaust fumes will enter the air intakes of the hospitals.

*   There are four schools and a children's park within a few hundred feet of the depot.

*   This site is in a flood plain.  After Hurricane Sandy, Bellevue, the VA Hospital, and New York University Hospital were out of operation for many months.

*   In the event of another flood, the only facility for sanitation trucks for the entire east side of Manhattan will be out of service.