Gramercy Park Block Association - Neighborhood News #426

Since a major focus of the GPBA is crime prevention and public safety, we thought the following information from the NYPD about recovering lost or stolen cell phones might be of interest.

Cellphone Recovery Success! 


Cellphone manufacturers, and third party software companies, manufacture downloadable applications that allow the tracking of lost/stolen cellphones. This means not only can you locate and recover the lost cellphone that you left in your desk at work, it also means the Police Department can locate and recover your stolen cellphone.


... and more...


Recently a woman was robbed at gunpoint in the subway station at West 81st Street and Central Park West. The two perpetrators took the victim's purse, also containing her cellphone. The responding police officers were able to remotely activate her cellphone's tracking application and track the two robbers to the subway station at East 77th Street and Lexington Avenue.  Not only were the police able to recover the stolen cellphone for the victim, and her other property taken, they were also able to place the two perpetrators under arrest and recover the firearm used in the robbery.


A little internet research into the tracking features available for your particular cellphone model could someday provide you the same relief this unfortunate woman enjoyed.