Gramercy Park Block Association - Neighborhood News #432

The Gramercy Park Block Association

World Trade Center Relief Effort  


Community Prayer Vigil and Candlelight Ceremony

On September 11th, 2001, our world and our lives were changed forever. 


The Gramercy Park Block Association was privileged to be able to be of help during the days and months that followed September 11th, preparing and serving thousands of meals at the 13th Precinct command center, and providing shelter and distributing critical supplies to our police, fire and emergency units as well as to hundreds of visiting police, fire and rescue units who poured into New York from around the country to offer assistance and support to our workers at Ground Zero.
Read more in a four-part booklet made up of articles and photos.  
[Part 1]     [Part 2]     [Part 3]     [Part 4]  

Part 1 includes the speech given by  by Arlene Harrison each year for several years at the Gramercy Park Block Association's Annual World Trade Center Remembrance Concert.  
To learn more about our World Trade Center Projects, visit our website.