Gramercy Park Block Association - Neighborhood News #433

Sanitation Garage Proposal - Update

Proposed sanitation garage - rendering
A major focus of our GPBA is "Quality of Life" (here and in the surrounding neighborhood) and "Neighbors Helping Neighbors." Last week we informed you of an August 28th meeting organized by Rose Hill Community Organization President Gerard Schriffen, to address the threat of a sanitation garage proposed for 425 E 25th St (at 1st Ave).  

According to Schriffen, the meeting was a huge success, and he sent the following e-mail to thank our neighbors for their support.

Dear Arlene,


Thank you and the members of The Gramercy Park Block Association for your valued support in our efforts to stop the construction of a huge Dept. of Sanitation depot for all sanitation services on Manhattan's east side.  The meeting was most successful, with a standing room only audience of neighbors from Gramercy Park to Kips Bay.


Council members Rosie Mendez and Jessica Lappin made remarks, and several candidates and their representatives attended.  The Rose Hill Community Organization adopted a position that our community won't accept any compromises to our safety.


We stressed that the planned installation of ten 10,000 gallon fuel tanks on 1st Ave. and E 25th St posed an unacceptable risk to the safety of Bellevue Hospital, two children's parks within 100 feet, four schools within 200 feet, the NYU Medical School, Dental School and three housing complexes within 200 feet, and the creation of a terrorist threat to the Veteran's Hospital 50 feet away from the site.


According to the federal EPA, toxic chemicals (including up to 6,500 lbs. of ferrous cyanide) will be released into the environment, and fumes from the approximately 300 vehicles will be vented into the very area that the hospitals use for their air intake!  


Also, the area is in the flood plain that saw Bellevue, the Veteran's Hospital, and NYU put out of commission for many months after Hurricane Sandy. The department spokesman couldn't answer the question of how all the equipment would be able to get in and out of the facility in the case of flooding, and what would happen to the garbage pick up for the entire east side.  


We have more city and social service facilities in the Board # 6 area than any other part of New York, and there are several viable alternative sites that the City can consider.


We thank all our neighbors on Gramercy Park for their support, and pledge that we won't allow all our family's health and safety to be put in jeopardy.



Gerard Schriffen

President, Rose Hill Community Association