Gramercy Park Block Association - Neighborhood News #438
Gramercy Park Flower Shop
Clarification from Owner Tom Sakas

GP Flower Shop Owner Tom Sakas
Dear Neighbor,


In response to an e-mail we sent yesterday, Gramercy Park Flower Shop owner Tom Sakas asked us to please clarify that although their Third Ave location is now closed, they are still open for business. Please see e-mail below.  


Warm regards,




Dear Arlene.


I would really appreciate it if you would let our neighbors know that the Gramercy Park Flower Shop is still in business. 
We were sorry to close our Gramercy Park location, but since 90% of our business is now over the phone and internet, the street location was no longer viable.  However, we still have two other locations and would be happy to fulfill all their floral and planting needs. 
In appreciation to our loyal customers, we are now offering special expedited service to the Gramercy Park Area.
Please let them know they can contact us anytime at 212-475-4989 and at 

Tom Sakas
Gramercy Park Flower Shop