Gramercy Park Block Association - Neighborhood News #455 
Our dear friend and Gramercy Park neighbor Thomas Burak was recently featured in New York Social Diary. Click here to read the article and see photos of his apartment.

October 18, 2013

By Sian Ballen & Lesley Hauge  
Photographs by Jeff Hirsch

"More is more, less is a bore," says Thomas Burak and we loved his "more is more" Gramercy Park apartment that he shares with his partner of Fourteen years, fabric designer Michael Devine. In fact when Sian and I played our periodic game called: "If you were rich, which decorator would you have?" Sian put Thomas high on her list. Very soft-spoken, it was hard to imagine him as he once, if only briefly, was-a retailer in Kinderhook taxed by the irritating general public to the point of wanting to smash a glass on the floor. But his main incarnation has been, and still is, as a decorator with quiet confidence and a way of putting together gorgeous rooms in which things just seem to belong in place.