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Thursday, December 5, 2013

GPBA's Neighbors Helping Neighbors delivers Thanksgiving

GPBA Neighbors Helping Neighbors volunteers joined Rev. Jacob Smith and Calvary St. George's to help serve Thanksgiving dinner to those in need.

Once again, The Gramercy Park Block Association's Neighbors Helping Neighbors volunteers brought Thanksgiving cheer to hundreds of people. GPBA members, many with their young children, joined Rev. Jacob Smith and his wife Melina, who organized Calvary-St. George's Thanksgiving dinner for more than 350 people in need. Most of the food was provided by the Bowery Mission, and GPBA's Neighbors Helping Neighbors facilitated 100 flower arrangements donated by Fresh Direct. GPBA members contributed pies and volunteered throughout the day, participating in setting up, serving, cleaning up and spreading holiday joy. 
Volunteers serve Thanksgiving dinner at Calvary-St. George's

GPBA's Neighbors Helping Neighbors also served Thanksgiving dinner to Emergency Service Truck#1 Detectives to thank them for their year-round service. It was organized by GPBA President Arlene Harrison and Board Member Kathleen Scupp, Chair of GPBA's Events Committee. Much of the dinner was donated by Fresh Direct, with several homemade dishes and a decorative setting provided by Scupp. 

Detectives from ESU Truck #1 enjoy Thanksgiving dinner donated by Fresh Direct and GPBA Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

"It was a wonderful day," Ms. Harrison said. "Neighbors Helping Neighbors volunteers worked hard and were grateful to be given the opportunity to bring a true sense of community and family to the lives of so many of our neighbors."
Adult and children volunteers at Calvary-St. George's Thanksgiving dinner.

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GPBA Neighbors Helping Neighbors
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