Shame on the Board of Directors of The Players
Photo by Sabina Mollot
After the 18-page Financial Audit Committee report detailing the financial mismanagement under Johnnie Planco's presidency,  not only did this board choose to re-elect Planco, but as he continues to tell his lies, they continue to support his presidency.

Yesterday there was a "clarification" posted at the bottom of the online version of the 2/2/14 Crains article "High drama at the Players Club".

Quote #1 from the article:
"According to members, as well as a July 2012 report from a Players Club audit committee, Mr. Martello regarded the organization as his personal fiefdom, handing out free memberships and allowing his favorites to use the facilities for free. Doling out favors earned him many friends on the board who let him have his way, insiders say. Martello said that it's preposterous to suggest that he crammed the board full of his friends. He added that the directors who were elected by the club knew exactly what he was doing. "


Clarification #1:
"John Martello, former executive director of the Players Club, said that he did not stuff the nonprofit's board with his friends and that the directors knew exactly how he was managing the institution. This information was not clear in an earlier version of this article, originally published online Feb. 2, 2014."


Either way, Martello is still saying that the board knew exactly how he was managing the club.  

Clarification of a second quote from the Crain's article...
Quote #2 from the article:
"Mr. Martello counters that the club was flailing when he took over in 1993, with membership having fallen to 500 from 1,000. He boosted membership up to 750, but then the 2008 recession hit, bringing it back to 500 and triggering the financial woes." 

Clarification #2:
"The Players' boost in membership was largely due to The Gramercy Park Block Association's  President Arlene Harrison bringing in 196 members to the club in 2007.  Many eventually left due to  gross mismanagement by the Planco/Martello regime and the resulting lack of services."
Quote #3 from the article: 
Planco states "it's unfair to be too hard on the board because members volunteer their time and must oversee actions of their club colleagues, which can be tricky in a place where people go to relax and have fun."  
Clarification #3: 
How outrageous that Planco excuses the board from any fiduciary responsibility to help save the club, because it's "tricky" to monitor the actions of their colleagues "in a place where people go to relax and have fun."  

If Planco truly feels it is difficult for him and his board to serve as fiduciaries, then the board should ask him to resign immediately.  If the board doesn't challenge this disturbing statement and agrees with Planco, then they too should resign immediately.