Gramercy Park Block Association - Neighborhood News #540

New 60-story 22nd St skyscraper set to trump neighboring 23rd St tower One Madison by 150 ft
 Tower to become the tallest between Midtown and Lower Manhattan 
41 East 22nd St skyscraper between Park Ave South and Broadway, via the DOB
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Renderings Revealed:
41 East 22nd Street


Article Excerpts:


"The tower will eventually stand 60 stories and 777 feet tall."


"Perhaps the tower's most striking element - besides its sheer height - is the cantilever, arching over neighboring buildings to the west. The 'champagne glass' has clearly been refined, but the base definitely resembles a stem, fluting upwards into the structure's residential floors."  

"Glass dominates the vast majority of the exterior, but the amenity-laden base is actually clad in masonry."
"While no completion date has been announced, demolition of the existing structures is now underway." 
41 E 22nd will dwarf One Madison, shown in the background, image via KPF
41 East 22nd Street's base, image via KPF