Gramercy Park Block Association - Neighborhood News #542
Gramercy Park historic mansion restoration
19-20 Gramercy Park South is beginning a 6-month restoration project.
A major focus of the GPBA's mission is Historic Preservation and Quality of Life. Therefore, we become involved in all restoration projects in Lot Owner buildings on Gramercy Park.  Since many have been inquiring about the scaffolding going up around 19-20 Gramercy Park South (at Irving Pl), please see the explanation below.
The mansion at 19-20 Gramercy Park South is beginning a restoration project on its fašade. Scaffolding is required on both buildings for the duration of the project which is anticipated to last 6 months. They are repointing both buildings, refinishing the existing brownstone and repainting windows, dormers, cornices, iron railings and exterior doors. Most of the work will be performed Monday thru Friday 8am - 5pm.

GPBA work with Lot Owner buildings on restoration projects
The GPBA is vigilant about how restoration projects effect the neighborhood's historic residential character, and we closely monitor their impact on our quality of life.

Through our relationships with city agencies, community boards and historic preservation groups, we help Lot Owner buildings efficiently facilitate projects, while ensuring they are appropriate and sensitive to the neighborhood.  If necessary, we are prepared to fulfill the function of whistleblower to city agencies. We also serve as a resource to projects for various elements (i.e. bluestone, landscaping, iron work, etc.), to help maintain a consistent fabric of the Gramercy Park streetscape.


The GPBA serves as a liaison between the community, project management, building owners and boards, informing the community of what to expect in advance and throughout the project.  We also address neighbors' specific quality of life concerns i.e. safety, noise, traffic, parking, dust, sanitation etc.

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