Gramercy Park Block Association - Neighborhood News #558
45 E 22nd St (Park Ave S & Broadway) which will "rise a total of 64 stories and 777 feet so that puts it 152 feet taller than One Madison." Click here to read more.


Fighting Threats to Gramercy Park

The Board of Directors at 201 East 21st St sent the letter below to their residents urging them to join the GPBA for 2014 in order to fight outside threats. 
They note that the GPBA is extremely vigilant about the overdevelopment of tall high rises in the area, and effective in defeating bars proposed for Third Ave.
Join your neighbors in combating these threats by joining the GPBA for 2014 now. 

All 2014 GPBA members are invited to a party next Tuesday, June 10th 6-8pm at the National Arts Club, which will feature food and drink and an opportunity to socialize with your neighbors in this Landmark Victorian mansion. Click here to view invitation.


 Quaker Ridge Tenants Corp.

201 East 21st Street

New York, NY 10010


June 2, 2014


Dear Neighbor,


We are writing to inform you about the Gramercy Park Block Association, which has taken on commercial and private interests to preserve the quality of life of our neighborhood.  As you are aware, no matter how well run our building is, many outside factors impact on our quality of life.  As you have seen by the noise and debris generated by the construction of the Toll Brothers building across the street, your board feels that it would be in our interest to be involved in our neighborhood association to potentially mitigate any construction and noise issues in our area.  We have recently found out there may be developments, including possibly an inclusionary housing development, between 20th and 21st Street along Third Avenue that could potentially impact our building in terms of noise generated and views obstructed.  In addition, we have had many noise issues with the bars on Third Avenue and with noisy college students who rent apartments and who party and make loud noise throughout the day and night. 


The Gramercy Board Association has been involved in trying to prevent Third Avenue from 18th St to the mid 20s, from becoming a nightlife destination. Their Quality of Life Committee is extremely vigilant about and effective in defeating proposals for new troublesome bars.  In addition, the association works closely with the NYPD 13th Precinct on crime prevention and public safety, and has been involved in fighting overdevelopment and the proliferation of tall high rise buildings in the area.


The Board feels that membership in the Association would be useful in helping combat outside threats to our building.  The more members they have, the louder our voice is and the greater our impact.


In addition, all 2014 GPBA members are invited to attend a gala party on Tuesday, June 10th  from 6-8pm at the National Arts Club, which will feature food and drink and an opportunity to socialize with some of your neighbors in this Landmark Victorian mansion.

Membership in the GPBA includes a subscription to their e-newsletter Neighborhood News, which includes regular updates on neighborhood issues, projects and events.  To learn more about the GPBA, visit their website at


If you are interested in joining the GPBA, please see the attached membership information.


The Board of Directors

Quaker Ridge