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GPBA's 20th Anniversary - A look back in history

13th Precinct Police Officer Anthony Sanchez 
May 19, 1997 -  13th Precinct Police Officer Anthony Sanchez Fatally Shot Responding to Robbery on 17th Street

P.O. Anthony Sanchez, his partner P.O. Roy Ruland and 3 other officers responded to a robbery in progress at 138 W 17th St. While apprehending the suspect, Officer Sanchez was fatally shot. The suspect, Scott Schneiderman, who was attempting to rob his own father, was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Sanchez left behind his wife Elizabeth and seven-year-old son John, and would have celebrated his thirty-second birthday that week.
Sanchez with his wife Elizabeth and son John
Wife and son grieve the loss of Sanchez













Loss of Hero P.O. Sanchez

Sanchez's partner Detective Roy Ruland
Sanchez was considered a standout officer at the 13th Precinct, where he worked for 10 years with partner Detective Roy Ruland. He was awarded 15 medals, including 3 for "Meritorious Police Duty" and 12 for "Excellent Police Duty."

Statement - GPBA President Arlene Harrison
"Sanchez touched the lives of many people. He was more than a cop in the neighborhood; he was a part of the neighborhood.  He loved police work, relished helping people and made it his personal responsibility to safe guard our community.  He was well known for his friendly outgoing personality, his wonderful sense of humor and his ability to develop rapport with residents and businesses. There was no assignment too small, too involved or too dangerous for his immediate and enthusiastic response."  


Gramercy Park Community Honors Sanchez

Shortly after his death, the community honored Sanchez during an outdoor memorial concert organized by the GPBA that was attended by over 2,500 people. 


Comforting Sanchez's grieving father


April 1999 - Street Renaming "Police Officer Anthony Sanchez Way"

The GPBA sponsored legislation, passed by city council, renaming the 13th Precinct street (21st St between 2nd and 3rd Ave) "Police Officer Anthony Sanchez Way."


At the time, Harrison explained "It was our hope that one day little John Sanchez would bring his own friends and family to our community and show them the sign on the Precinct street with his dad's name and explain that his dad was not only a hero to his family and friends but was loved and honored by both his fellow officers of the 13th Precinct and by the community he served."   





Sanchez family, Harrison and Police officials in front of City Hall after the street naming was voted for
In front of City Hall after street renaming was passed by City Council: Sanchez family with Councilman Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff and GPBA President Harrison























April 1999 -  13th Precinct Memorial Wall of Honor

The GPBA participated in a fundraising drive for a marble Memorial Wall of Honor for the 13th Precinct, dedicated to Precinct officers killed in the line of duty.  Prior to the World Trade Center disaster, three bronze plaques were placed there for Officers Michael McCannon, Christopher Scheung and Anthony Sanchez.  Two more plaques have now been added to include officers killed on 9/11, Officers Moira Smith and Robert Fazio.


Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the Sanchez family and police officials unveil Sanchez's plaque
Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and Police Commissioner Howard Safir at the ceremony
Sanchez's son John touches his father's plaque
The Sanchez family in front of the Wall of Honor

June 17, 2002 Sanchez' Killer Scott Schneiderman Dies in Prison

Schneiderman died of AIDs in Attica State Prison, where he was serving a life term.


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