Gramercy Park Block Association - A look back in history

The Dedicated Protector of Gramercy Park:
Quality of Life


Protecting the unique historic character of Gramercy Park and the surrounding residential neighborhood and responding to threats from development and commercial interests are primary concerns of the GPBA. Over the past 20 yearsthe GPBA has vigorously addressed quality of life issues and defeated plans for bars, nightclubs and businesses that threaten peace, security and quality of life.  Below are a few of the many accomplishments of the GPBA.

Defeated liquor licenses for bars in the Gramercy Park area

Opposition to bar proposed for 284 Third Ave

Future of Lyric Dinerat 22nd St and Third Ave 

CB6 rejects proposals for 2 bars

Gramercy Park News Flash: Bottomz Up Bar Liquor License Cancelled 


Defeated the opening of X-rated businesses 
GPBA worked to successfully keep x-rated businesses from the neighborhood.



Defeated disco nightclub planned for Park Avenue South at 20th Street

 20th St Disco Update - Summer 2007







Addressed quality of life issues during Gramercy Park Hotel redevelopment

GPBA Meeting with GP Hotel Project Team 

Security Measures at the Gramercy Park Hotel

Construction Site 

Update #1 on Neighborhood Concerns

Update #2 on Neighborhood Concerns 

Borough Pres, GPBA President meeting on Gramercy Park issues, Gramercy Park Hotel





Defeated plan for nightclub in Gramercy Park Hotel to open on Gramercy Park North

Eliminated idling buses in front of Gramercy Park Hotel






Opposed Sanitation Garage Proposal
Proposed Sanitation Garage - 425 E 25th St. Community Meeting August 2013  

25th St. Sanitation Garage Update - Sept 2013 

Plan to Store Fuel in Kips Bay Garage Has Neighbors Terrified of Explosion 







Monitored real estate developments in the area

Fighting threats to Gramercy Park - June 2014

Protect Gramercy Park! - April 2014

Real Estate Update - July 2014









Improved traffic on Gramercy Park

Reduced congestion and number of vehicles crashing into Gramercy Park Fence  

Gramercy Park Traffic Update

Traffic Changes Aim to Stop Crashes into Park Fence

Traffic Changes Approved for Accident Zone

Letter to Mayor Bloomberg about traffic problems on Gramercy Park North

GPBA President Presents Recommendations for Traffic Safety 






Worked with Department of Sanitation  to improve sanitation

Regular meetings with the Department of Sanitation to improve area sanitation. 







Worked with Department of Sanitation to solve sewer problem on Gramercy Park East





Addressed sanitation issues, including overflowing trash receptacles, dog etiquette   




Implemented Annual Neighborhood Cleanup Program 






Worked with Con Edison to address collapsed sewer on Gramercy Park South

 Sewer Collapse on Gramercy Park South 




Welcomed The Doe Fund Ready, Willing, and Able Street Cleaning Crew to Gramercy Park

The Doe Fund Street Cleaning Crew around Gramercy Park

Restored cobblestone, iron fences, and planted 41 tree gardens surrounding Gramercy Park



Addressed illegal oversized trucks on Gramercy Park streets 

 GPBA Works to Eliminate Illegal Oversized Trucks from Local Streets - March 1999





Worked with Department of Transportation to fill potholes and repave streets on Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park South closed for repaving





Facilitated new "Gramercy Park Historic District" street signs around Gramercy Park
New street signs with smaller and more attractive lettering  Click here to read more

Addressed noise issues, including horn-honking, car alarms and loud car radios 

Facilitated new street signs to address noise issues

The GPBA addressed issues of horn-honking, car alarms and loud radios in the Gramercy neighborhood.   Click here to read more.




Alerted neighbors about construction site safety at Toll Brothers project at 22nd St and Third Ave.

Worked with Con Edison to improve neighborhood lighting 

Worked with Con Edison Steam Manager to customize solutions for Gramercy Park 

Worked to help the homeless find shelter
Offering a helping hand to some of the area's less fortunate residents

Implemented graffiti removal plan for Gramercy Park neighborhood 

GPBA Initiates Effort To Remove Graffiti From Area Spring 2005 




Eliminated newsracks on Gramercy Park






Facilitated Gramercy Park building security surveys and distributed video surveillance system information

Video Surveillance Systems - A critical tool in fighting crime 






Addressed issue of aggressive panhandling at local ATM machines 

NYPD ATM Skimming Tips








Addressed issue of sidewalk bike riders







Worked to Keep Additional Steel Phone Booths From Gramercy Park Neighborhood 

GPBA supported the drive to keep additional steel telephone booths from being placed on Irving Place - Spring 2002






Distributed information about Muni-Meters on Gramercy Park






Facilitated Electricity Upgrades around Gramercy Park

Upgrading Electric on Gramercy Park North 2009








Worked to Reopen Eden Farms Grocery Store 



Implemented West Nile Virus preventative program for Gramercy Park, in collaboration with the NYC Health Department
The GPBA Distributes Preventive Measures About West Nile Virus 




Defeated Lexington Avenue Armory men's shelter plan 

Prevented shelter, which was to be open 24 hours a day bringing in thousands of Level 3 sex offenders, ex-convicts, and substance abusers many from Riker's prison system

GPBA Defeats Men's Shelter Proposal for Armory at 68 Lexington Ave at 25th St


Defeated East 18th Street US HUD proposal 

Prevented ill-advised residence for homeless, mentally ill, drug addicted population that would have provided housing with no on-site supportive services, and in an area already saturated with social service agencies. Read more in a four-part booklet made up of articles: [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4

Responsible for seizure of drug and violence-plagued East 23rd St Kenmore Hotel by US Government 
Resulted in largest asset forfeiture in history by the federal government, turning Kenmore into a national model of affordable, supportive housing for formerly homeless, chronically ill, frail elderly