Next Thursday 9/11: 
13th Precinct/GPBA World Trade Center Remembrance Ceremony

13th Precinct

Harrison with ESU Truck #1
Discovery Channel's Story of NYPD's Elite Emergency Service Unit's Heroism & Sacrifice on 9/11

1-Hour Special '9/11 E-Men Heroes' Airs Thurs, 9/11,  8PM    
Neighbors Helping Neighbors' Back to School Drive 
Thank you to our neighbors for their generosity!  Special thanks to Marissa Stoll. School supplies to go to city shelter children in NYTB's Project LIFT.
Danny Meyer, Nick Anderer, Terry Coughlin
Harrison at "Friends and Family" last night at Marta.
"The food was amazing!"
OMG! Neighbor Danny Meyer's new restaurant Marta about to open!

Marta, 29 E. 29th St., nr. Madison Ave.

Our beloved Calder sculpture 'Janey Waney' to return to Gramercy Park in the Fall

View photos of Janey Waney currently on exhibition at the Rijiksmuseum in Amsterdam:
NYPD Community Affairs Crime Prevention Tips
The Gramercy Park Block Association
34 Gramercy Park East, NY, NY 10003
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