The GPBA's 20th Anniversary
A look back in history

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Relief Efforts:
Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy

In addition to annual Neighbors Helping Neighbors charity drives and events, the GPBA mobilizes the community to provide immediate aid for unforeseen events such as hurricanes.  Thanks to the generosity of our neighbors, we provide emergency critical supplies, clothing, funds for rebuilding homes and schools, and other essential items as needed in the devastated areas.


Neighbors Helping Neighbors Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort 

Sent clothing, emergency supplies, rebuilt homes and schools, airlifted 300 children with cancer to St. Jude's Hospital 



 Neighbors Helping Neighbors Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort

Sent critical emergency supplies to devastated areas, rebuilt homes
Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort 2005
Photo: AP / David J. Phillip

GPBA sent critical supplies 
Sent hundreds of boxes of supplies to the disaster area. 

Working in partnership with Calvary-St. George's Church, whose parish hall served as a depot for supplies donated by neighbors, GPBA Neighbors Helping Neighbors sent hundreds of boxes to the disaster area.



















Shelter for hurricane victims
Distributing relief effort supplies















GPBA contributed funds to rebuild homes 

Provided funds to furnish homes built by Habitat for Humanity. 












GPBA supported St. Jude's Hospital Evacuation Effort

Contributed to program evacuating more than 300 children hospitalized with cancer from the disaster area to St. Jude's Hospital.












GPBA contributed funds and supplies to rebuild schools

Contributed to the St. Dominic School in New Orleans to help rebuild their cafeteria and playground.


St. Dominic School under water


New playground at St. Dominic School















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Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort


GPBA Organizes a Neighbors Helping Neighbors Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort- Town & Village 9/15/05


GPBA Comes to Aid of Hurricane Katrina Survivors - Town & Village 9/22/05 


GPBA Hurricane Katrina Aid Mission Completes Phase One - Town & Village 9/29/05


GPBA Neighbors Helping Neighbors Katrina Relief Effort Starts Phase Two - Town & Village 12/1/05

Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort 2012
GPBA Pres. Arlene Harrison with Calvary-St. George's Rev. Jacob Smith and Mark Tenniswood in the church parish hall, where Hurricane Sandy supplies were collected.
GPBA sent critical supplies to devastated areas in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens 
Working directly with Manhattan South Detectives, especially the Homicide Squad, we sent 22 vans packed with critical supplies directly to those in need in Midland Staten Island, Red Hook and Coney Island Brooklyn, Breezy Point Queens and other areas devastated by Hurricane Sandy. 

Flooded Avenue C at E 6th St moments before the Con Edison power substation on 14th St and Avenue C blew up.

GPBA sent supplies to Lower East Side and East Village
Sent supplies to East 6th St. Community Center for our neighbors (many without heat/hot water), who live in low-income housing projects on the Lower East Side, and in the East Village. 

Kenmore Hall staff  and Harrison with supplies from Neighbors Helping Neighbors

GPBA sent supplies to supportive housing facilities 
Sent six pickup trucks packed with supplies to the Cecil Hotel (118th St) and Kenmore Hall (23rd St). When the Kenmore lost power and evacuated elderly/chronically ill residents dependent on medical equipment to the Cecil (low-income residence for elderly, disabled, chronically ill), the Cecil sent supplies and food to the Kenmore and exhausted their resources. We replenished supplies in both residences. 





GPBA sent clothing and critical supplies to Lower East Side Daycare Centers  

At the invitation of City Council Member Rosie Mendez, we visited a Lower East Side daycare center, which included 133 children (2-5 years old) from the storm ravaged Lower East Side housing projects. Many of the children were from another daycare center and were displaced due to flooding. 


GPBA delivers supplies to children at Lower East Side Escuela Hispana Montessori school at the invitation of City Council Member Rosie Mendez.

We delivered children's winter clothing including hats, gloves and scarves. The teachers and director were so grateful and moved, because "we thought nobody knew how much we are struggling here." We then sent heaters, air purifiers, new winter clothing, new rugs, bedding, books, educational supplies.  We also sent donations from our Neighbors Helping Neighbors Holiday Toy Drive. 


Donations from Neighbors Helping Neighbors' Holiday Toy Drive went to Escuela Hispana

GPBA  provided Thanksgiving dinners to local first responders.

GPBA rebuilt homes of local first responders
Thanks to the generosity of our neighbors and friends, we were able to provide individual donations to our local responders to help them rebuild their homes.  Many were out in the storm rescuing others and recovering bodies while their own homes and families were directly in the path of the storm.

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Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort