Gramercy Park Hotel for sale

The hotel could be sold for as much as $260 million. On a per-room basis, that would eclipse the sum paid recently for the Waldorf Astoria.


Gramercy Park Trustee and Gramercy Park Block Association VP and Archivist Rev. Tom Pike to be honored for his leadership in NYC preservation movement

Rev. Thomas F. Pike, Rector Emeritus of Calvary-St. George's Church where he served 37 years, and a New York City Landmarks Commissioner for 17 years, will be honored on Wednesday November 5th for his leadership in the NYC preservation movement.  For information call Arlene Harrison at 212-260-3875.

"Pike feels that religious buildings belong not just to the people who worship in them, but to the communities they anchor - that they are a shared spiritual and civic resource."

Marta, Danny Meyer's First and Only Pizzeria, Delivers the Goods

Cecilia Peck with father Gregory Peck

Gramercy Park Neighbor 
Filmmaker Cecilia Peck's Emmy-nominated Documentary "Brave Miss World" 
Neighbors Helping Neighbors

A Gramercy Park couple recounts how their parked car was damaged in a hit and run on Gramercy Park South, but with the help of neighbor eyewitnesses, footage from a building video surveillance camera facing the street, and the 13th Precinct, they were able to identify the offender.

Neighbor Artist Domingo Zapata's describes his love for Gramercy Park

Domingo Zapata describes what he loves about his home on New York City's historic Gramercy Park.

"Some of the greatest minds in American history chose to live in Gramercy Park - John Steinbeck, Thomas Edison, Vincent Astor. There's a reason why: Beauty feeds creativity, and there is nowhere more beautiful or peaceful in Manhattan than Gramercy Park."

Gramercy Park Neighbor Entrepreneur Carolyn Lanzetta

Co-founder of 
Plum Print, a start-up transforming children's artwork into custom coffee table books

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