Gramercy Park Block Association - Neighborhood News #82

HBO's Bored to Death Filming on Gramercy Park
Bored to Death 

HBO and Into the Fray, Inc. are currently in production of the third season of the comedy series Bored to Death starring Jason Schwartzman (The Darjeeling Limited, Funny People), Ted Danson (Damages, Curb Your Enthusiasm), and Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover). This offbeat comedy series follows the misadventures of a fictional Jonathan Ames as he pursues his quixotic dream of emulating his heroes from classic private detective novels.


They will be filming in our neighborhood on Wednesday, June 15th from approximately 11:00am-3:00am and Thursday, June 16th from approximately 11:00am-4:00am.

Parking Information

They will be clearing and holding parking in advance of the shoot for equipment trucks and production vehicles on the following blocks:


-       Gramercy Park South - both sides (btw Park Ave. South & Irving Pl.)

-       Gramercy Park West - both sides (btw E. 20th St. & E. 21st St.)

-       Park Ave. South - both sides (btw E. 18th St. & E. 21st St.)

-       E. 19th St. - north side (btw Park Ave. South & Broadway)


They are strongly urging you to park your vehicle in an alternate area Tuesday evening in order to avoid any inconvenience.  Vehicles will be relocated to the nearest available legal parking spot, which may be several blocks away.  To locate a towed car, contact the locations department at 917-671-4280.  There is no cost or penalty to owners of relocated cars.


They are aware of the inconvenience caused by their activity and apologize in advance, and will make every effort to minimize their impact on the neighborhood.  If you have particular concerns with scheduled deliveries, accessibility needs, or other logistical matters, please contact the locations department in advance of the shoot.

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