Gramercy Park Block Association - Neighborhood News #92


Report from the Trustees of Gramercy Park

The Trustees of Gramercy Park are in the process of restoring 72 Park benches, which have been ravaged by the extreme winter weather and the squirrels. Ten benches at a time are now being taken to the Rodriguez Construction Co. workshop, where they will all be restored at a cost of $32,112.


The 41 tree gardens surrounding Gramercy Park have now been planted with red Reiger begonias on the east and west sides and red Dragon Wing begonias on the north and south sides.

Report from The Gramercy Park Block Association  


The Gramercy Park Block Association is in the process of their Annual Neighborhood Preservation, Environmental and Greening Program. Fire hydrants, lampposts, traffic light control boxes, parking meters, yellow parking lines, and GPBA trash receptacles around Gramercy Park are being painted, and graffiti and stickers are being removed from the above. 


As a gift to our community, Zeckendorf Development's 18 Gramercy Park South project's team, Flintlock Construction, is in the process of power-washing the bluestone sidewalks surrounding the four sides of Gramercy Park. 


Restored Benches


Tree Gardens June 2011_1
red Reiger begonias

Tree Gardens June 2011_2
red Dragon Wing begonias



Photos below by our neighbor Patricia Pillette. 

Patricie PIllette June 2011 Photo 1


Patricie PIllette June 2011 Photo 2  


Patricie PIllette June 2011 Photo 3

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