Video Surveillance Systems - A critical tool in fighting crime

Most Gramercy Park buildings Gramercy Park have video surveillance systems.  To be a good neighbor, please make sure your building's surveillance system has what the NYPD calls "eyes on the street."  Cameras focused from the building out onto the sidewalks are the most valuable tool in identifying suspects and fighting crime.  It is also helpful in case there is an accident or any other incident in front of your building.  


NYPD 13th Precinct Crime Prevention Unit
Why video surveillance systems are crucial to building and neighborhood security:
A true crime deterrent - when a criminal sees a camera they are more likely to think twice before committing a crime, including theft, robbery, vandalism of building property, cars, and bikes, etc.
Allow NYPD to identify people through a facial recognition unit, which focuses on facial characteristics and links them to known criminals in their system

Enable the NYPD to make posters and video available to the public  
Prevent intruders from slipping in behind residents at locked entrances and in doorman buildings, when a camera is mounted at the entrance
Can provide proof of safe conditions if there is a false insurance claim of hazardous conditions on your property